How much of the meadows will be affected by the redevelopment of the QHS boathouse?

The existing site of the Queens Park High School boat house and the area to the west of the site indicated on the plan is the extent of the site being explored for this project.

site location

How much of an increase in usage will there be?

The project aims to enhance community participation and widen access to water-sports for local people.

Is the site for sale?

Cheshire West and Chester Council is the landowner of this site and will not allow any sale of this site.

Will any private profit be made as a result of this boathouse improvement?

The project will not make any private profit and aims to be sustainable to maintain the Community Water-sports Hub.

Will I be able to comment on the designs?

The designs of the Community Water-sports Hub will be subject to a process of pre-planning consultation with members of the public and key stakeholders. Once a planning application has been submitted it will follow the normal planning consultation and decision making process.

How will I find out more about the project and be kept informed?

The Community Water-sports Hub project website is updated. After every Project Steering Group if the position of the project has changed then a position statement is issued. One open public meeting has been held 25th February and more are planned once there is more information to share.

Why is the Council supporting the project?

The Council is keen to enhance the facility for the High School and existing users and widen the access to this facility for the wider community. The Council has an interest from a regeneration, sports, leisure and public health perspective.

Why have we seen people on site?

The partnership has instructed various surveys to take place so that a feasibility report can be produced to validate the site and fully understand the complexities of the site. These surveys include: archaeology, ecology, flood risk, topographical, ground conditions and site investigation.

Will there be extra traffic and how will this be dealt with?

Highways will be consulted as part of the planning process and traffic impact assessments will be carried out as the project develops.

Are private clubs benefiting from the proposed project?

All of the partners and clubs involved are not for profit and open to the community and new participants.